Rain Clouds

Rain. It’s light, and quick, and frequent here. It’s sporadic, unexpectedly sprinkling in the middle of a sunny afternoon and ceasing just as quickly. Despite the rain, the sun is often still shining overhead. Sometimes, it’ll be sprinkling in the front yard and it’ll be dry in the backyard. That is rain on Guam.

In California, gray skies extend for miles on end, portentous of a downpour. Then comes the deluge, fat water droplets landing heavily and mercilessly. Guam’s rain is much more genteel (unless there’s a typhoon), and much more pleasant than in most other places I’ve been. I suspect one would have to experience it to understand what I’m talking about. I’ve mentioned this idea to a few people, and only those who’ve been on island understand what I’m referring to. I don’t often want to venture out in the rain most anywhere else; but it’s nothing to fear on island (again, unless there’s a typhoon).

IMG_0938Just as the rain is lighter here, so is my spirit. It could be because I have no particular place to be and no particular time to be there…metaphorically anyway, although island mentality is nearly just as carefree. It could be because I’m with family. It could be because it’s the holidays. It could be a combination of these. It could be because, for this brief period, I can pretend I have no responsibilities.

It looks like rain this morning. The typically vibrant blue sky is tinted with pale gray, but I know the clouds will quickly clear. Similarly, my inner tempest knows its vivid blue sky is just ahead. And despite the rain, the sun still ceaselessly shines overhead.