Mile-High Style

It’s my lucky day. I’ve been upgraded to Business Class. It’s happened before, but only on cross-country flights within the continental U.S. where the “First Class” cabins on short flights are small and where  sometimes just gets you a welcome drink before takeoff.

Today, I’ve somehow landed myself my own row of wide leather seats replete with Evian, fancy headphones (by airline standards), and a cozy little comforter. Sitting Indian-style in my seat and sipping a mimosa, I peruse the dinner menu. Hmm, the mahi-mahi looks good; maybe I’ll…oh, my placemat is being set. I drop my feet to the ground, appreciating that there is probably more legroom here than in the backseat of an Escalade. Oh look, actual porcelain bowls and silverware. I remember when silverware existed in Economy class…it seems like only a dream now.

Feeling like a food critic analyzing her dinner, I note how much more appetizing plane food is when it’s not wrapped in plastic and it’s accompanied by beverages in actual glasses. Or maybe the food truly is better at the front of the plane.