Music and Memories

My mind rummages its archives for music once familiar.

It’s been years since I’ve properly sat down at a piano. But on this quiet afternoon in my childhood home, I plunk away on the ivory keys. Some notes come easily; some show themselves after a few frustrating attempts. Some notes refuse to be remembered.

20140121-024455.jpgAs long-forgotten melodies slowly begin to flow from my fingertips, my mind wanders back to a youth spent on this island. Years of simplicity and innocence. My brain continues to grasp at distant memories for chords and rhythms it formerly knew; years away from home now dominate the flashbacks running through my head. Images of growing into adulthood replace the ingenue in my mind’s eye. Reflection replaces reminiscence. I don’t need a do-over for anything; I do occasionally wonder where I’d be if I’d followed other forks in the road, but I have no regrets. This island girl has come a long way.

It’s funny how music stirs memories and emotions just so. A song might remind you of a grandparent the same way a familiar cologne might remind you of a previous relationship. The rich sounds of the piano overtake my senses, and I realize that my fingers can still run across the octaves (stumbling, but running nonetheless) despite my mind failing to immediately recall the progression of music. And with every note, I’m slowly reconnecting with the girl I used to be, ever-brimming with daring hopes and ceaseless positivity. A girl whose life is filled with music.