La Fontana di Trevi at Midnight

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My very first wish at the Trevi Fountain was to be back as soon as possible. I was back less that 24 hours later…and promptly made another wish to return within the next 5 years.

That was almost 3.5 years ago. Although I’ve been back in Italy since then, I haven’t been back in Rome (unless you count the airport). Now that I’m spending some time here, I often find myself at la Fontana di Trevi. Often, it just happens to be in the vicinity of where I’m going; it’s inevitable. Sometimes, I just like admiring the view or watching tourists amidst their wishmaking. And as great as the fountain is under the sunlight, it’s possibly even better in the moonlight.

In the wee hours of the morning, I find myself before the fountain yet again. And I still keep wishing to come back. What is it about this fontana? What is it about this place? I briefly imagine myself writing a fiction novel around this fountain. At this hour, precisely 2:56 in the morning, it’s quiet and peaceful. (I wish I could say the fountain is all mine tonight, but there are a few couples also, um, admiring the view.) The tourists have gone and the city is dark. The streetlights cast a pale golden hue on the surroundings; it’s like being in a fairytale haze.

Much like passing the fountain when in Rome’s centro storico, life is inevitable. And much like the fountain is a major landmark in this city, I imagine my time here will be a major reference point in my life. One can only hope to be as solid and timeless as the Trevi, but one can definitely be filled with just as many wishes.