The Return, Part II: Living

No, I haven’t eloped with a tall, dark, and handsome man in some exotic country. (I did receive a few casual marriage proposals though…does that count?) As spontaneous as I am, and as romantic as it sounds, I’m not that reckless. Given that I’ve been away for so long, however, I can’t really blame anyone for guessing why I went MIA.

Upon my mysterious reappearance in office, almost everyone is confused as to where I’ve been. Some people thought I’d gone home to get lost in the Pacific. (I did for a little while, but you know that’s not the whole story.) Some, who’d seen my international photos on social media, thought I’d won some fabulous contest. Someone conjectured I’d somehow struck it big and went into early retirement. (I wish!) Some people thought I’d relocated to Italy or somewhere in Europe. (Not yet, but it will happen. All good things are worth the wait, right?) Just for giggles, I started replying that I’d been off filming The Amazing Race.

Amidst all the speculations, there have also been observations that I’m “glowing” – a compliment I’m wary of, given the lack of sleep I mentioned in Part I. Oddly enough, my friends concur, adding that my lightheartedness can be felt all the way back to the Mariana Trench. Perhaps the most amusing things I’ve heard are “Whoa. Whoa. Whu-hoa. Who are you right now, you sap?” and “Sometimes your [newfound excess of] optimism makes me want to smack you!”

The comment I remember most vividly, however, was when someone declared I’d been “living large.” Yes, I did do a bit of jetsetting. Yes, I did have countless great experiences and photo ops. But this statement is incorrect: I wasn’t living large; I was living.

P.S. To the friends who placed bets on whether or not I’d actually come home as planned, it’s time to pay up.