Special Delivery

Who doesn’t enjoy an unanticipated postal delivery? Presents are great during events like birthdays and Christmas, but they’re even better when they come as surprises – no matter what size. It’s like a “Hey, I was thinking about you and…well…tada!”

You’ve probably already guessed I recently received a care package in the mail. What was in it? Italian goodies – perfect for placating that ever-present, irrepressible nostalgia. It’s the thought that goes into surprises that gets me (in a good way). In this case, a long, trying week was soothed away by an unexpected yellow package addressed to me in oversized letters. What was the goodie box for? Oh, nothing in particular.




I love surprises, and I’m guessing most people do as well. There are the ones that serendipitously benefit you because the universe was feeling benevolent (Look, a $20 bill!); then, there are the ones that put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Much like a child finds amusement in the little things, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face. Some girls like to be gifted with expensive ticket items that they’ve specified beforehand; nothing against that, but I’d rather you put some thought into your efforts, and that you’re not just getting me something out of a sense of obligation. While I don’t deny liking nice things, I can just as easily get those for myself.

Surprise me with a book that holds significance for you; I might appreciate it more than a Lululemon outfit. Cook me dinner; I might enjoy a break from the restaurant scene once in a while. Write me a song; I might value it more than tickets to a concert. But enough about me; surprise someone today and spread the joy. You never know: You could make someone else’s week.


This sugar-high blog post was inspired by the special delivery Galatine that I devoured a little too quickly.