Food! (And lots of it!)

Filipinos eat a lot. Like, a lot. A single day can consist of up to five meals – not the typical three, but five. Five! There’s the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner; add in a morning merienda (snack) and an afternoon one to bring our total to five.

For Show-and-Tell Monday, here’s what a day’s worth of food might look like:


No joke. When it comes to food, Filipinos mean business. And despite having grown up in this culture, I’m still trying to figure out how people are hungry enough for a morning merienda when breakfast can be as heavy as lunch or dinner (I mean, hello, rice with breakfast?)! Because it’s so much fun to eat, however, let’s take a wider peek at some of the yumminess I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks.



Happy Monday, everyone!