Look Mom, I’m on YouTube!

“Jump to the left,” says the VP of Engineering.
I jump. I’m a good sport. I’m confused, but I’m more curious.
“Now step to the right” says the VP again.
I step to the right, now thoroughly confused.
He looks at me expectantly, along with the CMO.
“You don’t know the Time Warp?!” exclaims the CMO.
“No…?” I reply, wondering at the arbitrariness of this situation.
“From Rocky Horror?” she prods.
I shake my head. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not my area of expertise.

So imagine my surprise when, moments later, I’m tasked with making our own Time Warp video. With just 4 days to execute, I launch into action, subjecting my cast to filming in the main kitchen area at corporate headquarters…while global new hire training is taking place. All week. (Welcome, new hires! Didn’t you get the memo that we wear neon wigs and sunglasses around HQ?) Here’s the result.



Working in Marketing means I get to be creative on many a work day, and extra creative on other days. Working for a database company increases the odds that the creativity happens around technical aspects of our product. So when my sister says “Your video* is cool and nerdy,” well, I have to ask in return: How can I not get nerdy about a database product feature? Considering the lyrics are about something called Bitemporality, a certain level of nerdiness seems only fitting.


*Truth be told, this is the first video I’ve produced and directed, but not the first I’ve been in. (The number is increasingly embarrassing with every passing year.) For more cheesy laughs, check out the last one I was in: a parody of “Gangnam Style” called NoSQL Style.