4 Videos You Want to Watch

Like the title says, here are four videos (and a BuzzFeed) you want to check out. Well, I thought they were worth it anyway. Happy viewing!


1. The Meaning of Life – “You don’t get a do-over in life. So live your dreams.” Don’t underestimate a third-grader’s point of view on life.

2. Guitar + Phone = Cool! – Great sound, made even better by the visual. Click play. You know you’re curious.

3. Don’t Slap Her – A sweet mini-documentary on little boys’ reactions to violence against women. I can’t promise your eyes will remain dry. Applause, Fanpage.it



4. Under the Boardwalk (on a plane) – Can you help but smile at this a cappella group? Age does not limit great sound.

5. 29 Surreal Places in America – Ok, this one’s not a video, but it’s still a visual break! I promise the photos will not disappoint. In fact, they may even inspire a trip over the next long weekend.