After it Rains, There are Rainbows


On an overcast day at Moss Landing, the seagulls fly low and fast over the water, flocking together in the wind. It’s been raining intermittently, and as much of a pathetic fallacy as this is, the weather out here reflects what I’m feeling inside. But after it rains, there are rainbows. And an optimist like me always finds the rainbows…maybe even to the pot of gold at the end.




In nearby Monterey, I find these colorful candles being made in a corner shop. The perky little globes gather layers of color that must quickly be carved before they harden. When the layers are peeled off and you hold a candle up to one of the hanging lights (installed specifically for this purpose), the candles seem to smile and wink at you, telling you to cheer up. Today, they represent the light and color that life should be full of. Perhaps they even represent the emotionally mixed layers around a person, which gather and eventually break off to reveal the scintillating display inside.






The days are gray and hazy now, but light will shine through the clouds again. After that, the rainbows will follow. Time dulls heartache if only you can make it through the rain.