San Francisco, California: The Palace of Fine Arts

Can you guess what day it is? Show-and-Tell Monday! Can you also guess what Crissy Field in San Francisco used to be?

I’d never have thunk it either: Crissy Field was formerly a U.S. Army airfield. It surprises me sometimes, how places change over time. Soldiers on the military base of Corregidor, for example, called the island a tropical paradise before it was ravaged by war. Another tropical beauty, Guam, is…you guessed it…one big military stronghold blending in with life in the Pacific. Without having first-hand experience, without witnessing history in the making, it’s difficult to conceive what a place might once have been, and just as difficult to predict what a place will become. But it’s too lovely a day to get lost in this sort of reflection.

Let’s walk down the street instead, and head over to the nearby Palace of Fine Arts, where it doesn’t cost a thing to wander round the rotunda. Ramble with me.

With the wind kicking up, let’s duck into the Innovation Hangar to see beauties like these.

Not a bad way to kick off the week, huh? Have a great one!