Made in Chocolate Heaven

Reporting to you live from Fort Mason in San Francisco…! Ok, so I’m not actually typing this live; it would have been awfully silly of me to try blogging whilst surrounded by chocolate decadence. But I did spend some time at a chocolate salon, and it was exactly what you’re thinking it is. Admittedly, I feel like I sampled as much in the beverage department (mostly alcoholic) as I did the chocolate. It wasn’t for a lack of the good stuff; the alcohol and beverage lines were simply shorter…and I like my beverages. ;)

The salon was full of chocolate lovers, obviously, but we’re talking about a different breed of chocoholics. The vast majority of chocolate at this salon was artisanal, fair trade, organic, handmade, hand-painted, and all sorts of other descriptors along those lines. Did I mention the abundance of 75-80% cacao products? Anything that was even at the 50% cacao mark, despite having a recognizably delicious name, was low on my priority list. But enough talking! Here’s a virtual taste for you.



It was all delicious, but not all deliciousness is created equally. My top picks of the day are below. I may or may not have splurged on one or more of these items.



Because the marina was right next door, I had to at least try to walk off some of the chocolate. I was just going to share a photo of the boats with you, but couldn’t resist snapping a subtle piece of graffiti. To the artist: If you’re asking what sorcery makes chocolate so scrumptious and endorphin-producing, well, I just don’t know either.