Corkscrew Cafe, Carmel Valley

In Carmel Valley, there’s a little gem that’s off the beaten path called Corkscrew Cafe. It was (for me…and everyone I’ve brought here), love at first taste. The restaurant is quaint and idyllic and makes you feel warm and welcome, but it’s the food that gets you – the food, and the great wine pairing recommendations from knowledgeable staff. It definitely doesn’t hurt the establishment to be adjacent to the local Georis Winery, which means you can taste Georis wines when dining at Corkscrew, as well as order the full complement of these wines in the natural progression of white to red.

I don’t normally write posts about restaurants, typically containing my reviews to Gogobot. So why am I breaking pattern? I really just wanted to share this cute/fun/cool presentation of espresso. Also, this is The Rambling Suitcase, after all.




Yup, espresso is the real reason I’m writing about this place. Call me a nerd, but that’s how much I like it. The presentation is quirky, and tells you that someone took care to prepare it for you.

If you’re familiar with Casanova (the restaurant, not the renowned Italian romancer), you’ll be delighted to know this is a sister establishment. I suppose I should at least share a few food photos while we’re taking about it.



Looks delish, right? Trust me, it is. So much so, that I wish I had more pictures to show you…like the mussels, for instance – yummm. Did I mention they have wood-fired pizzas here? Call me and let’s plan dinner! If you go strolling around Monterey or Carmel, end your day here. If you go wine tasting around Carmel Valley, end your day here. If you want to do some wine tasting, spend the afternoon next door and end your day here. Basically, end your day here…à la country chic. Buon appetito.