To the Superheroes We Call “Mom”

A mother is more than just a provider or a caregiver. She also a teacher, a friend, a confidante, a project manager, (sometimes a bank account), a chef/nutritionist, a tireless role model, and an all-around woman of wonder. It. Sounds. Exhausting.

So thank you, mothers, for selflessly taking care of us. For taking us to dance rehearsals and paying for that summer camp we only tolerated for a few days. For midnight feedings when we were infants. For tending to us when we were down with fever, even in our rebellious teenage years. For instilling in us the values and ideals that help define the adults we become: well-rounded, responsible adults with deep-seated moral beliefs; adults who grow into their own successes and become leaders who impact our community.

Thank you for giving us ample space and time for the self-discovery and skill development that helped us flourish as scholars, respected professionals, and contributors to society. Thank you, mothers, for guiding us through our formative years with a healthy mix of indulgence and discipline. We know it was sometimes challenging to temper your motherly tenderness with tough love. Ultimately, we too will raise children of our own, our parenting ideology molded by memories of you.

We know it wasn’t always easy, but we hope it was at least a little rewarding. To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day. Whether or not you realize it, you’ve made a difference in someone’s life and in our world.



Looks like this beauty is about to fly off to hero duty again.