Into a WWII Bomber Plane

Mountain View is probably better known for being the home of Google Headquarters, a.k.a. The Googleplex. The city also has, however, a former naval station called Moffett Field, which now belongs to the NASA Ames Research Center. And every so often, a certain non-profit brings WWII bomber planes to Moffett Field, promoting American history and heritage. It’s an education, but it’s also an experience. Let’s take a look around.



Even more exciting, let’s go inside one of the bombers. Ambivalently, I feel enthralled by the mini adventure, and yet subdued thinking of all those who might have served on this aircraft.



It’s an all-too-quick crawling/climbing/balancing walk back in time. The photographs don’t quite capture the experience, but I hope you enjoyed the virtual field trip anyway. Happy Wednesday.