Eleven Shades of ‘Ello

With all the limoncello I’ve recently made, my inner mixologist is feeling creative. I rummage the kitchen for mixers (as you know, scrounging up ingredients is a skill of mine), and here’s what I initially come up with:




I’ll admit that as I’m typing this, there is fish in the oven…and I used limoncello as part of the marinade. Anywhooo, let’s do a taste test. All in the name of blogging, of course. Here are 11 shades of limoncello.


Cellorancia. Freshly squeezed orange juice, a.k.a. spremuta, is absolutely delicious with limoncello. I’d say the spremuta-alcohol ratio here is about 3:1. I’d also say to leave the pulp in, but depending on your preferences, you might want to strain it out. Oh, and I threw is a splash of fresh lemon juice too.

Disaronello. Disaronno + limoncello. Quick and simple.

Ellograna. Spoon your desired amount of pomegranate seeds into a glass. Pour gin and limoncello over this. Top off the glass with Moscato d’Asti1. Finito!

Ellomango. Grab your blender. Pour some limoncello over frozen mango chunks. Blend. (I like mine slightly textured.) Garnish with mango chunks in their natural state, dipped into the drink mixture, or soaked in limoncello. *Note this drink will likely be very sweet and deceptively potent.

Gimiello. Mix gin, bitters, limoncello, and honey simple syrup2 in a shaker filled with ice. Now shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty, shake your booty. Decorative umbrella optional.

Gingerello. Ginger Beer with a healthy addition of limoncello. It’s so easy, you don’t even need to stir. Double win: This was popular among taste testers.

Lamponello. Muddle raspberries in honey simple syrup. Throw into the shaker with limoncello, triple sec, and ice. (You can add grenadine, but the red hue you see here is purely from the raspberries.) Pour out deliciousness and top with Prosecco. #AnotherPlease

Limonatello. Splash some limonata (lemonade) into your limoncello. Because…why not?

Limoncello. Straight up. ‘Nuff said.

Moscatello. Pour desired amount of limoncello into a glass and top off with Moscato or Moscato d’Asti. #Amore #GetYourOwn

Zencello. Steep green tea. Chill. Pour limoncello into green tea. Plop in a couple of blackberries if desired.


Hope you had as much fun experimenting (and drinking) as I did. And if you come up with any other combos I should try, do send a note.

Cin cin,


1If you like the appearance of the pomegranate seeds at the bottom of the glass, stick with just gin and limoncello (and know this will be a little more potent and martini-like). Look what happens after you add in the bubbles…the seeds gradually rise.



2Made exactly like simple syrup, but with honey instead of sugar. Honey in its natural form doesn’t mix well in cocktails because of its thick consistency…it congeals. So, we dilute it with water.