The Stuff of (Car) Dreams

Look, there’s an Audi R8. I’ve long fancied one. Oh, a BMW i8. Now there’s something I could see myself driving. A Maclaren. A royal purple Jaguar. A Maserati here and there. A red Ferrari beside a red Ferrari beside another Red Ferrari.

As much as I joke about getting a Lamborghini one day, I’m much too practical to every truly purchase one. (And if I ever have enough disposable income to purchase one, I’d probably opt for plane tickets.) But, hey, a girl can daydream. And today, daydreaming is easier, thanks to a meetup for exotic cars. Let’s ramble along the street, shall we?



I’ve completely forgotten what I’d planned on doing today. All I can tell you is that I’m most definitely motivated to work that much harder. Happy Monday!