San José Art City Tour

People don’t exactly come to Costa Rica for museums, but since I’m currently in the capital city of San José and I happen to like museums, there are a few of them on my to-see list. Fortunately, I happen to fly in on the one night a year that all the museums are open for free during an event call “Art City Tour.” Here are some interesting bits from a couple of the museums I squeeze into the two-hour event.

First up, the Jade Museum, locally known as Museo del Jade (pronounced ha-deh). Interestingly enough, there are many exhibits other than jade in this building. For instance, there is an excellent ceramic collection (I’ve had a soft spot for ceramics since digging for them in Italy) from the pre-Colombian period. Note that this is not referring to the country of Colombia, but rather the time period prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus.



Up next is the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design). We opt to walk here rather than line up for a buseta (minibus); it’s only a few blocks away anyhow. The majority of exhibits here are frequently political, and tonight is no different.



Not a bad first night in the city. Tomorrow, it’s off to the rainforest and into nature I go.