Ziplining in Braulio Carrillo

I once went camping in Yosemite – where somebody presumptuously pitched a tent and inflated an air mattress for me, “the city girl.” (For the record, I was totally ready to rough it.) A decade later, I think I could actually –maybe– turn into nature girl. It’s so beautiful in the rainforests of Costa Rica that I entertain the thought of skipping my flight home. Ziplining across the Braulio Carrillo canopy with awesome local guides, I briefly wonder if I could be one myself. Soaring above the gushing river, I feel like I can fly, suddenly wanting to know what it’s like to be a bird who coasts above such beautiful panoramas as part of everyday life. Won’t you sail the canopy with me? Pura Vida!



♠ If your tour company suggests bringing spare clothing, pack a bag. Either you’ll be above water, next to a waterfall, or beneath the rain. It really can rain at any minute. But it’s not the type of rain that brings cold, fat raindrops upon your head and obscures your vision. It’s warm rain, and the droplets are fine enough to allow visibility of the vista. The thunder and lightning that may or may not ensue can be momentarily alarming, but it leaves as quickly as it arrives. Rest assured you’ll have a good time regardless of the weather.