Porsche Rennsport Reunion V

Most people think of the Monterey Peninsula and associate it with beach and ocean. Maybe they think of Pebble Beach and golf. Maybe they think of Carmel Valley and wine tasting. Maybe they think of whale watching and scuba diving. Lesser-known fact: This bit of central Californian coastline –Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove– also has a raceway, and today I’m taking you with me to Seaside (just north of Monterey) for Porsche Rennsport Reunion V.



Welcome to Laguna Seca, which is hosting the 2015 Rennsport Reunion – an epic event that happens every four years. Think of it like the Porsche Olympics meets a giant Instagram meetup. Or, if you’re in the tech sector like me, you could almost compare it to attending Oracle OpenWorld or Dreamforce. But enough talking. Let’s look at some cars!



Check out these beauties. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my face.



As if things couldn’t get any cooler, here’s the Porsche 911 RSR. It’s half Lego showcar, half Le Mans GTE Pro class. Yup, you read that right: half of this car is made of Lego blocks – precisely 450 kg (992.08 lbs) of Legos. Ahh-may-zing.



Cars galore! Shall we peek into some of the garages? Walk with caution, please. There is work in progress.



Off to the racetrack we go. Many of these cars are living history: prize-winning collectibles that now reside in various museums…collected in one place. Let’s check out the parade of collectibles.



Have an adrenaline-filled weekend!