The Art in “Art & Wine (Festival)”

Who doesn’t love a good Art & Wine festival? It’s like a street fair full of arts and crafts sessions turned money-making hobbies. And you get to stroll down the street drinking wine (or beer, or maybe margaritas) while enjoying free live music, sampling edible goodies, collecting freebies, and enjoying the surprising sights. Bonus: Because we’re in Mountain View today, we even get a peek at a Google self-driving car.



Above: Those vases filled with water are not underwater flowers. Then what are they, you ask? Lava shrimp! As pretty as the self-sustaining shrimp ecosystems are, they’re also pretty impressive. Indirect light combines with CO2 and waste matter to create algae, which the shrimp eat and which produces oxygen. The shrimp will actually also consume any molten exoskeletons or deceased comrades…. Are we getting morose? Moving on, the shrimp are a bright red color, but they turn translucent when they’re frightened or stressed out – it’s a defense mechanism. Think camouflage! The best part about these low-maintenance pets: No need to clean or feed. Now, onto some really crafty stuff.



What are those cute little girls watching? This brilliant musician….



Shucks, did I cut off the musician too soon? There’s just too much to see! The row of tents seems to stretch farther and farther the further I walk down the street. Cultured exotic butterflies, breathtaking photographs, tie-die clothing, inspirational plaques, paintings of nature, the list goes on. Sadly, many of them prohibit photography. You’ll just have to come with me next year.