Chicago, Illinois

It often feels like I’m looking upwards in Chicago. This is no wonder considering we’re in the city where the world’s first skyscraper was built. But when I say I’m looking up, I’m not only referring to the skyscrapers.

I look up at ceilings, like the Macy’s dome on the left and the Cultural Center on the right.



You can view the city from many different perspectives. I also look sideways, like at the curvature of the Chase Tower building.




I look out over the water from the riverwalk.



I look across rooftops from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, and beyond Illinois into three other states.




I look underground, ambling through the Pedway.




I look longingly at candy, ethereal beauty in edible form. Talk about fashion forward!



I admire timeless magnificence from artists and master craftsmen long gone.



I look for the mist of a water fountain being strewn about by the wind.




I admire the night cityscape. It’s scenic in the daytime, but that view at night…




And yes, I do look up at the towering buildings.


The Magnificent Mile begins

The Magnificent Mile begins


Whichever perspective you prefer, may you find captivating views.