Immediate Action Required: Take a Vacation

IMG_8713You know that vacation you’ve been fantasizing about all year, but haven’t gotten around to planning? That trip you always wanted to take? That time you wanted to just walk on the beach and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand? Those paid days off you’ve accrued, but aren’t using? Well, what’s stopping you?

The average American forfeits a week of paid time off annually. It’s sad, but true. CNN wrote about it in 2011. The Huffington Post wrote about it in 2012. Oxford Economics did a survey in 2013 revealing that the average PTO (paid-time off) forfeit jumped from 2 days to 5 days by 2013. Market Watch wrote about it in 2014. TIME wrote about it just this year. It’s 2015 and the results aren’t changing. In fact, vacation is on the decline despite companies’ efforts to promote it.

Studies show that vacations increase mental and physical health, productivity, and brainpower. More and more, I hear friends and strangers alike talk about wanting to go somewhere, or wishing they could visit this city and that…and yet, they don’t. So I have to ask why the wishful talk starts and ends there.


Do something today that your future self with thank you for.”
– Anonymous


And by “something,” I mean to take some time to decompress, or to pursue a hobby. My obvious choice is to travel somewhere, but a staycation (stay-at-home vacation) will do.

Don’t be a statistic. Take an extended time-out for you. Your future self just called to say thanks.