Why Travel

Call me adventurous. Call me curious. Call me restless. Call me an addict, even. My choice of drug? It’s no secret: It’s travel. As a Filipina who grew up on Guam, lives in California, and is in love with Italy, I’m no stranger to travel. I may not yet be as well-seasoned as some professional jetsetters, but I’ll get there. Susan Sontag sums it up fabulously:




Traveling is what gets me through rough patches at work and what I have to look forward to during personal low moments. It’s my hobby, it’s my passion, it’s my escape. I’ve written that I sometimes feel I haven’t quite found “home” yet. Perhaps seeking this place is why I have the travel bug. Or perhaps I have wanderlust because, rather than feeling displaced or disconnected while so far from my place of residence, traveling makes me feel like I’m part of something much bigger – a connected web of people and stories and traditions. This is my home, the world.

It may be cliché to spout what’s coming next, but I’m going to say it anyway. Traveling makes me feel alive. It’s also made me more independent and confident, it’s broadened my horizons and diversified my circle of friends, and it’s proven to me that one should not take others’ [negative] perspectives of foreign countries at face value.




Thinking about taking that trip? Traveling for the first time? Traveling for the 10th time? Do it. Here are some articles to inspire you to hop in/on that car, train, plane, or bus.

I read somewhere that travel becomes a real adventure when you leave yourself behind. So let your hair fly with the wind, walk confidently down a new road, and make today the start of your tomorrow.

Happy travels,