Los Angeles, California

You arrive in Los Angeles and it’s getting dark. What to do? Well, since it’s the holidays (or the end of the merrymaking season), you can start by checking out holiday lights at Americana.



The following morning, you might still be on a whole other time zone (or maybe you’re just an early riser), and you can’t sleep in. You’re hungry. Where to? Head to the Central Market…maybe some eggs at Eggslut or…oooh, a coconut sweet potato and an incredibly fluffy warm waffle at G&B. Right across the street, you’ll find LA’s 4th historical monument, Angel’s flight.



That was yummy and quick (in that order). What now? The next street over, you’ll find the Walt Disney Concert Hall.



Right across from there, the newly opened contemporary museum, The Broad.



Still looking for more? Ok, right down the street is Grand Park. Just beyond that, the LA Cathedral, more officially known as Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.



Before we wind down the day, I have to show you The Last Bookstore. The main space is cool, and there’s even a corner section dedicated to rare finds….



Print is a dying art, you say? Well, here are books in print…reimagined. See that tunnel [of books] and the window [of books]? They’re part of The Last Bookstore’s “The Labyrinth,” which you find upstairs.



Are you thirsty after all that walking? Let’s head over to Perch for some drinks, where we can watch the sunset from a rooftop terrace overlooking Pershing Square.



Look at all we’ve seen already – and all within downtown LA! If you’re not ready to call it a day and you want to venture a little farther out, maybe head to the nearby Santa Monica promenade. We can sit down for a bite at The Misfit, then head over to the pier.



Tomorrow, maybe we can go rock climbing in Malibu and squeeze in some wine tasting. (Yes, please!)



Wishing you a very happy new year (full of travels!) from the city of angels,