The Broad: Contemporary Art in Los Angeles

The entrance of The Broad, leading up to the central exhibit area on the third floor, doesn’t take you through conventional passageways. Then again, The Broad isn’t a conventional building. It houses collections both eclectic and symbolic, real and confrontational, idealistic and whimsical.

Los Angeles is filled with great finds, and this museum is one of city’s newest. On the ground floor, Takashi Murakami has a significant feature exhibit, flooding the white walls with color.



Through mysterious tunnels up the escalator (or the stairs), we find ourselves in a brightly lit space with whitewashed walls, facing a giant rainbow sculpture that can be conceived, at least initially, in myriad ways. What are they? Tulips!



The partitioned exhibits mix oddities with the commonplace, forcing you through new perspectives and interpretations.



One of the more striking displays at The Broad is found in a small, dimly lit corridor. The walls of this dark space are lined with large screens, and each screen features a lone musician in a different room, different environment, different mood. Despite being segregated, the band harmoniously plays a sweet, melancholy melody that holds spectators captive.




This recently opened locale in downtown L.A. will naturally have a bit of a line, but the entrance is free! Tell me what you think if you end up going.

Sending you artsy vibes and new perspectives,