Flying High

I rarely feel more alive than when I travel. Heightened senses, increased awareness, delight in even the littlest foreign oddities. There’s something different in the air of every city I go to. It could just be my eager anticipation of landing into a new adventure, but I thought I’d try to capture that feeling for you…the excitement that comes with a plane’s engines roaring into life, and looking out the window over different cities. Here are some aerial views from the past six months. It’s for glimpses like this that I like the window seat.



Here’s a view above San Francisco, California…looks like a whale tail, don’t you think? On the ground, the airport is strewn with holiday lights.



Flying over Kayseri, Turkey, I feel the urge to run across the clouds like one might race across a valley.




And so I do! Well, kind of…. I hop into a hot-air balloon and sail above Cappadocia, Turkey.



A few days later, I’m still wanting to feel like a bird, and I find myself paragliding above Pamukkale, Turkey.



Somewhere above Houston, Texas we have a flying buddy. Can you see our companion airplane? (It’s easier to spot in the second photo; look for the silhouette below the cloud line, center left.)



This view isn’t quite out of an airplane window, and it’s not technically flying, but it’s still behind a glass pane and the view is still very high up in Chicago, Illinois! (Check out more views from the Willis –formerly Sears– Tower Skydeck here.)




May your travels be filled with sunshine, clear skies, and fantastic views in this new year,