Washington, DC: Library of Congress

Are we in the United States, or in Europe? The façade of this building makes me do a double take for a second. Just a split-second.




In this split-second, the façade of a particular building in Washington, DC makes me wonder if I’ve apparated in London. (If you didn’t catch the Harry Potter reference, that’s ok, we can still be friends.)




Or perhaps we’ve been transported to Italy? The water is missing from this fountain, but even La Fontana di Trevi was dry last year during its Fendi-sponsored restoration.



Hmm…it could be Italy. After all, that ceiling above a grand hall looks like it might be found in a Vatican Museum hallway…or many a church in Rome.




Speaking of that European feel, I look up (as one can’t help doing in interiors like this) and I wonder again if I’ve teleported into a Spanish church, a French museum, or a Portuguese palace.



Then I see the Capitol Building outside a window and I’m instantly transported back to America. Yup, we’re definitely still in the continental U.S. – as confirmed by a plaque at the building’s entrance.




Gosh, if this is the Library of Congress, what other beautiful buildings can I freely access if I run for office?