Teaquation: Break Up With Boba


Breakups are hard. Unless you weren’t in love anymore…or in my case, ever. So the breakup with boba was easy, cold turkey (my usual style), and pain-free (unlike my recent gallbladder surgery).

What am I rambling about? There’s a new tea shop in town encouraging you to #BreakUpWithBoba. And you know what? I’m in with the movement! Whether you love or loathe the slogan by new kid on the block Teaquation, you can’t deny it evokes a reaction; and in that regard, it’s genius.


Here’s what a standard boba drink looks like.




Here’s what Teaquation drinks look like.



They look good, right? So good. Many of them look like cocktails; and if I didn’t know any better, I might imagine there to be alcohol in these handcrafted beverages. Hmm…I wonder what it would taste like if I added in some tequila….

Honestly, boba was never my cup of tea to begin with (HA! Pun unintended, but ha!), and a place like Teaquation could very well be the reason I’ll default to a non-boba place moving forward. Why? Well, here are the first few reasons I immediately think of.

1. The drinks really are quite pretty (you can tell they’re made with love), and they taste as good as they look. To change it up for regulars, there are weekly specials, and even secret menus for those devoted Teaquation-aholics.



2. This locale is all about freshness. Part of their slogan is “fresh fruits pureed daily.” Yes, I’ve seen the fruits they use. And yes, they are fresh – I’ve seen them strain pulp. As much as I love Jamba Juice, I’ll admit I don’t see fresh fruits frequently hanging out on their countertops the way they hang out at Teaquation.

3. The shop details, quaint and personal, actually make you want to hang out. On top of that, the owner seems to frequently be laughing with her customers and referring to them by name.

I’ve taken meetings here. I’ve taken coworkers on field trips here. I’ve waited out rush hour traffic here. (Can you tell it’s near my office?) It may not be a Parisian café, but this cute shop is built to do more than simply mass-produce beverages in a stainless steel box and send you out the door. Rather, the wooden furnishing feels earthy, the modern accents pop with color, and the contrasting elements somehow work together, inviting you to linger a spell.



I’m always so thirsty that I frequently forget to snag photos of my orders. In lieu of the pictures I haven’t taken for you, here’s a peek at the shop’s Instagram feed below. Ooh, I wonder what flavor I’ll try next. Summer is around the corner…perfect for these chilled bevvies. Happy thirst-quenching!  :)