Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

Try the pork chop. Juicy. Or, ooh, the trout. Tasty. And look, you can top all dishes with an egg – double yay! What am I talking about? A restaurant. In Calistoga. Called Farmstead. That I think you should check out. (Maybe after/before visiting Castello di Amorosa or Sterling Vineyards?)



Yum! The food is über flavorful, but not excessively so. The service is friendly, cheerful, and on-point. Everyone around, from staff to clientele, seems to have bright, smiling faces. Or have I had that much to drink? Oh, speaking of, the cocktails here are yummy too, though I wonder if wine is the way to go since this restaurant is actually part of Long Meadow Ranch…a winery.

With a wide, open floor plan, high, high ceilings, and a lot of wood, you almost feel like you’re in the country…especially because, just outside the restaurant, there’s an adjacent BBQ pit and General Store – a fancy general store because it’s built like a ranch house and you can do wine tasting there.


Hey look, it’s “CC Made!” CC – that’s me…did I start a line of sauces and popcorn and not notice? Maybe it was while I was outside getting in touch with my inner farmgirl.



Have a great weekend!