Casa Córdoba

A water fountain, with its subtle, merry gurgle, welcomes you into an intimate courtyard. Brilliant tables and the cheerful shades of hand-painted flourishes brighten the outdoor alcove on even the cloudiest of days. Quaint, multi-hued signs greet you with a vibrant “¡Hola!

It’s the little things.

Tucked in Old Town Montrose, there lies a little taste of Andalusia at Casa Córdoba. The restaurant’s bold blue pots hang imperfectly symmetrical, languidly basking in the sun, instantly transporting you out of metropolitan Los Angeles and into a southern Spanish plaza.



The Casa proprietors are so enamored with the Spanish city of Córdoba that they’ve painted an entire wall of the restaurant’s interior with the iconic red and white arches of Córdoba’s Great Mosque, La Mezquita. Framed images of flamenco, a prominent Andalusian tradition, adorn walls adjacent to ceramics from the motherland. ¡Viva España!



Tapas, anyone? Even the tabletops, with their colorfully patterned tiles, want in on the fiesta. And with blankets draped over the backs of every outdoor chair, maybe they want in on the siesta too.



I think I hear that sensuous Spanish flavor beckoning.