São Paulo: Beco do Batman


Yes, you read that title right. Beco do Batman. Batman’s Alley. Don’t believe me? Check out the street sign.



The “alley,” aptly situated in São Paulo’s artsy Vila Madalena neighborhood, doesn’t follow a straight path; it wends wide curves, seeps into smaller side-alleys, and subtly bleeds onto adjacent streets. The art (not even faintly reminiscent of The Dark Knight) is big and bold, proudly exclaiming that it’s here to stay. And like the Brazilian culture that’s helped create it, the beco is vibrant, eclectic, and diverse. If I lure you with the promise of açaí later, will you take a morning stroll with me?



Beco do Batman. (Say “beck-oh d’oh batch-man” really quickly, and you almost just said it like a local!) It’s not in a district called Gotham, and there isn’t a display of Batman memorabilia. So why exactly is it called Batman’s Alley? Because of this little guy, painted here in the 1980s.



That’s the lone Batman reference you’ll see here. What there is a lot of, which you’ve likely already noticed, is color. It appears São Paulo residents have a thing for vivid hues; and despite Paulistanos having a reputation for being distant or cold, they seem to have a thing for love too. O amor.



Local artists, obviously filled with love for art and these murals, maintain the locale for residents and tourists alike. My takeaway from today’s visit is this: Be fearless in expression, and spread the love. Mais amor, por favor. More love, please.