Travel Theme: Jump Shots

If you have travel buddies who love jump shots, raise your hand! I think at least half of us just raised a hand…maybe both hands. I’m already looking forward to longer, sunnier days as spring approaches. Here are some memorable moments from warmer travel days.

Walking the streets (and stairs, and beaches, and markets) of Nice, France. It’s hard to deny the appeal of the French Riviera.



Learning about WWII history in Corregidor, a former U.S. military base on an island off Manila, Philippines.



Ok, so this one isn’t actually from a “warm” trip, and we didn’t actually try all that hard to get a decent shot because we were doubled over laughing. Ah, the memories. Bath, England.



Sagada, Philippines…where we only pulled off to the side of the road because one of the girls wants to “run through the clouds.” Yup, that really happened.



Enjoying the sunshine of South Beach in Miami, Florida.



Wishing you warmth, sunshine, and the kind of laughter that feels like you’re getting six-minute abs.