Winery Wandering: V. Sattui


Ah, V. Sattui, a friendly welcome to Napa on a crisp Saturday morning. There’s an interesting contrast between this time of year and the summer, when the grounds are crowded with winery-goers befriending strangers while sharing picnic tables amidst an oyster barbecue (there’s chicken, pork, and beef, but let’s be real: the oysters enjoy the most attention). Today’s quietude, allowing for a moment of reflection by the fountain, creates a very different experience than a summer afternoon spent basking in the sun, music playing through indiscreet stereos. The courtyard is sparsely populated at present, and the tranquility is a welcome change.



It’s a little more lively in the wine-filled spaces (as you might imagine), where you can taste wines that are appealing even to the new/non-drinkers that you might be trying to sway over to the wine side.



Oh look, there’s the deli! Cheeeeese. Pardon me a minute (or five) while I inhale the perfume of that formaggio, fromage, queso – perhaps sample a few…. Or all of them. Twice. Mmmm…. #Cheese



Ok, thanks for indulging me that moment. I’m off to hang out with all some cheesy goodness. If you like it here, you might next enjoy sister winery Castello di Amorosa. Or, if that seems a distance away, you can just mosey across the street to Dean & DeLuca for more yumminess. Would you be so kind as to bring me back some chocolate? I’ll just be here, with my wine. And my cheese. Cheers!