A Show Called Stitches

I am not a knitter. Feeling only a little pretentious, I walk around touching the colorful knit and knitting-related products, exclaiming to a friend about the pretty colors of yarn for sale. But the colors are pretty! Take a look for yourself.



Again, I am not a knitter. So, yes, it is odd that I’d be at a knitting convention. A convention aptly called “Stitches.” (In case you’re wondering, I’m simply playing the part of supportive friend.) Just because I don’t knit, however, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate knitted goods. Frankly, I’m surprised there are this many people present since nobody I know in the bay ever talks about knitting. Ok, maybe one person.



Previously, I mentioned that artsy-craftsy Portland has a big knitting community. Imagine my surprise when this large crowd turns up in my own backyard. Where did all these knitters come from, anyway? Oh, they must have come for the buttons. Look at the buttons!



And what’s a yarn show without adorable little llamas?



Aww, now I miss Peru and its llamas! Ok, I’m going to leave you with these fluffballs of cuteness. Ciao!