A View From the Top: Sugarloaf Mountain


I love bread. I love bread like a squirrel loves nuts. I also love sugar. In all its forms. So it’s only natural I’d also love a place called Pão de Açúcar – literally, “Bread of Sugar” in Portuguese. Sugarloaf Mountain, as it’s more commonly called, overlooks Rio de Janeiro’s cityscape: buildings that lead to a beach, which leads to a bay that flows into the ocean.



When you take a cable car up the Brazilian mountain, it’s easy to see why this beauty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Glass panels lining all cable cars mean you get a 360° view during ascent. So when you ride up to the shorter mountain, Morro da Urca,  you see the city blend into coastline…



And when you take a second car up to Pão de Açúcar, you get a bird’s-eye view of this South American city, seemingly built into nature.



The vista from atop Sugarloaf is as delicious as it sounds.



Look closely. Can you spot Brazil’s famed Cristo Redentor, perched on Corcovado, across the peninsula? We’ll check out the panorama from that side of Rio another day. Til then, may your views be as sweet as a sugarloaf.