Rio de Janeiro: Escadaria Selarón

How often do you come across urban scenery that’s photogenic enough to warrant the #NoFilter hashtag? Rio de Janeiro’s Escadaria Selarón holds that visual appeal, color, and novelty that doesn’t need to tell you it needs to be photographed. Talk about an explosion of color!



You aren’t likely to stumble upon the escadaria, or steps, by simply walking around Rio’s downtown the way you might stumble upon the Trevi Fountain by walking around Rome’s historic center. The world-famous steps, despite being a distinctive attraction of Rio, are often overlooked by travelers – enough so, that the colorful locale is sometimes listed among Rio’s hidden gems.

Built over a decade with thousands of tiles donated by dozens of countries, the Selaron Steps and the streets leading up to them provide fun photo ops, whether you intend them to be or not.



Remember those donated tiles (thousands of tiles from dozens of countries)? If you hadn’t noticed them earlier, you might notice them now.



Naturally, doors and accents ascending the stairway tend to be artsy as well. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the doors being the colors of the Italian flag (what can I say, Italy invades even my subconscious), that was a happy accident. :)



At the very top of the stairs, we find an American so moved by Brazil’s scenery and culture that he learned to speak the language and play the music. Take a listen.



It’s probably common for Rio de Janeiro to woo you with its unique cityscape and it’s relaxed vibe. (Rio, you Casanova, you.) But like any other city, there are those who love it and those who, well, feel less affection towards it. I, for one, think it lives up to its nickname, Cidade Maravilhosa: Marvelous City.