atlJust your girl next door, brimming with optimism and a zest for life. I’m a dreamer, singer, dancer, linguist, traveler, foodie, writer. Who says you have to be limited to your profession? (I work for a database company.) From historic monuments to local hotspots, to cultural insights, music, wine, dance, art…to life. Let’s take an adventure together.

Why “The Rambling Suitcase”?
“Rambling” has both a sense of meandering aimlessly –no particular destination in mind, no particular rush to get there– and a sense of talking/writing without a singular, precise argument. This dual meaning is a relatively accurate description of my posts on life musings and travel, and their interconnectedness. “Suitcase” refers to both a literal suitcase and, if you want to get metaphorical, me. The first sense of “suitcase” is a physical piece of luggage representing my wanderlust. The second sense is that I am a suitcase, worn in with experiences across oceans and cultures, and filled with precious personal belongings – stories, resiliency, a willingness to explore, an openness to spontaneity, and memories. Photos on this website are by me, unless otherwise stated, so you could also view this as a sort of photojournal. :)

Let’s Talk!
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