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Travel Theme: Perspective

Spatial relationships are a funny thing. Look at something from directly above or dead center. Now look at it from down low, up high, or off to the side, and you’ve instantly got… Continue reading

There Goes My Gallbladder

Day 1: The Procedure “Take a deep breath for me,” says the anesthesiologist, placing a mask over my nose and mouth. I inhale. Blurred images from the day swim behind my closed eyelids:… Continue reading

Ziplining in Braulio Carrillo

I once went camping in Yosemite – where somebody presumptuously pitched a tent and inflated an air mattress for me, “the city girl.” (For the record, I was totally ready to rough it.) A… Continue reading

The Pura Vida Experience

Pura Vida  /poo-ruh vee-duh/ Spanish for “pure life.” Costa Ricans use this expression to mean many things: Hello! How are you? You only live once, eh? What bad luck. Have a nice day!… Continue reading

Tirimbina Rainforest

The cicadas sing incessantly all around. In a nearby tree, a toucan pecks at the eggs of another bird. An Ornate Hawk-eagle*,  perched on a leafless branch, scans the terrain for snakes. 50… Continue reading

Look Mom, I’m on YouTube!

“Jump to the left,” says the VP of Engineering. I jump. I’m a good sport. I’m confused, but I’m more curious. “Now step to the right” says the VP again. I step to… Continue reading

Benvenuta in Italia, A Short Story

Jolting awake with the thunderous sound of a loaded 747 kissing the runway, Caroline begrudgingly opened her eyes and silently cursed airplanes for inhibiting sleep. As she slowly collected her thoughts, the captain’s… Continue reading

Volcano Venture: Mount Pinatubo

In 1991, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines, impacted millions of people and disrupted the local economy for many subsequent years. Over two decades later, however, the lahar (volcanic ash) that was once… Continue reading

Ziplining at Anvaya

If you happen to find yourself in Subic, check out Anvaya Cove. And if you happen to be at Anvaya, you may as well zipline. Grab your adventure buddy (I’ve got mine here)… Continue reading

Midwest Zest: Cincinnati

Cincinnati is one of those places that, in my opinion, gets an undeservedly bad rap. “There’s nothing there,” you might hear; but did you know that it was once commonly referred to as… Continue reading

A Foreign Perspective

It’s a tad cliché to talk about taking things for granted, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Sometimes you have to be reminded of beauty around you. In all its forms.… Continue reading

Digging Into the Italian Coast

I’m absentmindedly shoveling away another bucket of dirt, and another, until I hear a familiar “Basta.” Enough. I stand upright and use my shovel for support as I catch my breath. When I… Continue reading

Dude, Where’s My Train?

It’s not uncommon to grumble about the Italian train system because it’s not uncommon for trains to be late. It’s not uncommon to be on a train, mid-commute, and experience delays. It’s not… Continue reading

Carnevale di Viareggio

I’ve recently been in Venice when people were dressed for a 15th century masquerade ball. I’ve recently been in Bassano del Grappa to witness a group of walking Lego blocks and a group… Continue reading

Becoming Italian

Everything reminded me of Italy. Prior to this trip, I somehow managed to frequently find an Italian connection in names, words, places, people, and restaurants. In California, I got excited over a “Tuscany… Continue reading

Which Way?

In my youth, I wanted to be a lot of things – CNN news anchor, recording artist, MTV VJ, professional dancer, lawyer, Broadway star, Disney voiceover, novelist. As time went on, I lost sight… Continue reading

Mile-High Style, Part II

I’ve lucked out with another upgrade. This time, it’s on a newer plane that has individual compartments for Business Class passengers. And large TV screens that pop out perpendicular to the panels they… Continue reading

Mile-High Style

It’s my lucky day. I’ve been upgraded to Business Class. It’s happened before, but only on cross-country flights within the continental U.S. where the “First Class” cabins on short flights are small and where … Continue reading

Sagada Sunrise

Fog clouds linger in the valleys below as the sun rises leisurely over the mountain range. We spectators huddle together, shrugging off the cold. I’m waiting for the sunrise in Sagada today. With… Continue reading

Terraces and Clouds

Up the mountainside and along a winding road, we make our way up to Banaue. By now, I should no longer be shocked that some of the houses we pass are the size… Continue reading

Meandering in Macau

Macau’s tourism front is eerily reminiscent of Las Vegas – you’ll see The Venetian, MGM, and Wynn, to name a few of the countless hotels you’ll see. Did I mention the casinos and… Continue reading

Pinoy Time

Filipino Time – Filipinos have long been reputed to run on an extremely late clock. It could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour (or more, I hate to admit). Filipinos say that… Continue reading

Hair Grows

It’s gone! My hair…it’s all gone! Well, not all of it. Just 12 inches. Just one foot. Just 30.48 centimeters. Surprisingly, the sudden snip-snip-snip wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.… Continue reading

Volcano Venture: Taal

  Steam rises from the rocks as we pass the halfway point to the top of Taal Volcano. The sun beats down on us from high overhead, making the gradual uphill climb feel… Continue reading

The Start of Something New

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard “Finding myself” isn’t quite an appropriate term for what I’m embarking on. Last week was my final week at the office, at least… Continue reading

Home for the Holidays (and Perhaps an Epiphany)

I’ve been remiss in blogging. Since my last post, I’ve decided to take a career break. I’ve been considering it for some time now, and the timing just seemed right. I left home… Continue reading