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To the Superheroes We Call “Mom”

A mother is more than just a provider or a caregiver. She also a teacher, a friend, a confidante, a project manager, (sometimes a bank account), a chef/nutritionist, a tireless role model, and… Continue reading

Wedding Dominoes

Gold satin. Bejeweled, silver-lined pink organza. Cream ruffles. A red A-line. Lavender frills. A sparkling green Filipiniana. Coral chiffon. Dresses. More specifically, dresses I’ve worn as part of a bridal entourage. Between a… Continue reading

Italian Warmth

I’ve long said that Italians are some of the warmest people. They’re welcoming and inclusive, and they’re generous regardless of economic status. They are quick to befriend, quick to love. Quick to temper,… Continue reading

Oh, Those Italians!

I’ve often said that Italians are among some of the warmest people. There are, however, many other quirks and interesting aspects of their culture that are endearing. *These are just my personal observations,… Continue reading

One Sweet Holiday

The familiar scent of freshly baked, coconut-topped bibinka wafts toward me as I wend my way to the overly laden dessert table. My lusty sweet tooth kicks into overdrive, and suddenly, all I… Continue reading