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The (Nonexistent) International Driving Standard

They say if you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere else in the world…. A fellow blogger commented on one of my recent posts, saying that “Folks always let you move on… Continue reading

Adios, La Isla Guahan

  I leave Guam today. Guam, where nearly every restaurant maintains healthy stocks of Tabasco, ketchup, and soy sauce on tables (yes, that includes breakfast places…any combination of the three goes on even… Continue reading

Rain Clouds

Rain. It’s light, and quick, and frequent here. It’s sporadic, unexpectedly sprinkling in the middle of a sunny afternoon and ceasing just as quickly. Despite the rain, the sun is often still shining… Continue reading

Welcome to Guam

Shopping with my mother, I notice several stores have boots on display. Boots. For sale. On Guam. There isn’t much variety (this is an island near the earth’s equator, after all), but there… Continue reading

Fresh Air

It’s 12:25 am on Guam and the air feels heavy with humidity as I walk through the jetway between the plane and the island’s sole commercial airport. I begin to strip off layers… Continue reading