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Italian Warmth

I’ve long said that Italians are some of the warmest people. They’re welcoming and inclusive, and they’re generous regardless of economic status. They are quick to befriend, quick to love. Quick to temper,… Continue reading

Adios, La Isla Guahan

  I leave Guam today. Guam, where nearly every restaurant maintains healthy stocks of Tabasco, ketchup, and soy sauce on tables (yes, that includes breakfast places…any combination of the three goes on even… Continue reading

Defining “Home”

They say home is where the heart is. And although I agree, I also have to ask: What makes a home? When I’m in California, I tell people that “I’m going home [to… Continue reading

Music and Memories

My mind rummages its archives for music once familiar. It’s been years since I’ve properly sat down at a piano. But on this quiet afternoon in my childhood home, I plunk away on… Continue reading

One Sweet Holiday

The familiar scent of freshly baked, coconut-topped bibinka wafts toward me as I wend my way to the overly laden dessert table. My lusty sweet tooth kicks into overdrive, and suddenly, all I… Continue reading

Welcome to Guam

Shopping with my mother, I notice several stores have boots on display. Boots. For sale. On Guam. There isn’t much variety (this is an island near the earth’s equator, after all), but there… Continue reading

Fresh Air

It’s 12:25 am on Guam and the air feels heavy with humidity as I walk through the jetway between the plane and the island’s sole commercial airport. I begin to strip off layers… Continue reading

Home for the Holidays (and Perhaps an Epiphany)

I’ve been remiss in blogging. Since my last post, I’ve decided to take a career break. I’ve been considering it for some time now, and the timing just seemed right. I left home… Continue reading