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There Goes My Gallbladder

Day 1: The Procedure “Take a deep breath for me,” says the anesthesiologist, placing a mask over my nose and mouth. I inhale. Blurred images from the day swim behind my closed eyelids:… Continue reading

Why Travel

Call me adventurous. Call me curious. Call me restless. Call me an addict, even. My choice of drug? It’s no secret: It’s travel. As a Filipina who grew up on Guam, lives in… Continue reading

Immediate Action Required: Take a Vacation

You know that vacation you’ve been fantasizing about all year, but haven’t gotten around to planning? That trip you always wanted to take? That time you wanted to just walk on the beach… Continue reading

Benvenuta in Italia, A Short Story

Jolting awake with the thunderous sound of a loaded 747 kissing the runway, Caroline begrudgingly opened her eyes and silently cursed airplanes for inhibiting sleep. As she slowly collected her thoughts, the captain’s… Continue reading

Travel Notions

Today marks a year since I departed on my grandest adventure thus far: a career break that took me across three continents, four months, five countries, and countless cities. As this year comes… Continue reading

Wedding Dominoes

Gold satin. Bejeweled, silver-lined pink organza. Cream ruffles. A red A-line. Lavender frills. A sparkling green Filipiniana. Coral chiffon. Dresses. More specifically, dresses I’ve worn as part of a bridal entourage. Between a… Continue reading

Parting is Not Such Sweet Sorrow

Whoever said that parting is such sweet sorrow was a liar. Sorry, Shakespeare, I don’t mean to blaspheme, but…. Saying goodbye can be done sweetly, and parting is often sorrowful, but sorrow is… Continue reading


I danced in the rain today. Well, more like I ran in the rain today. Not intentionally. A friend and I were out walking her dogs when it started to drizzle. Since we… Continue reading

Which Way?

In my youth, I wanted to be a lot of things – CNN news anchor, recording artist, MTV VJ, professional dancer, lawyer, Broadway star, Disney voiceover, novelist. As time went on, I lost sight… Continue reading

Defining “Home”

They say home is where the heart is. And although I agree, I also have to ask: What makes a home? When I’m in California, I tell people that “I’m going home [to… Continue reading

Barrio Fiesta

The barrio (neighborhood) is having a little fiesta (party and/or festival) this evening. A part of the street has been closed off for this event, and the long table of food slowly grows… Continue reading

Rain Clouds

Rain. It’s light, and quick, and frequent here. It’s sporadic, unexpectedly sprinkling in the middle of a sunny afternoon and ceasing just as quickly. Despite the rain, the sun is often still shining… Continue reading

The Start of Something New

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard “Finding myself” isn’t quite an appropriate term for what I’m embarking on. Last week was my final week at the office, at least… Continue reading