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Music and Memorabilia for a Cause

A Kaepernick jersey. Pacquiao boxing gloves. Crème brûlée. Vocalists and a children’s choir. Just sharing a mishmash of images from an event I recently volunteered at. Fundraising for a children’s charity? All for… Continue reading


Welcome to Corregidor.   A gentle breeze blows through your hair as you step foot off the ferry and onto the boardwalk. Looking down, you see straight through the clear blue-green waters to… Continue reading

Resort Report: Las Casas

  Yes, it’s a resort…but Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, or simply Las Casas, isn’t what you’d typically think of when you hear “resort.” It’s a blast from the past, with a mixed… Continue reading

Food! (And lots of it!)

Filipinos eat a lot. Like, a lot. A single day can consist of up to five meals – not the typical three, but five. Five! There’s the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner; add… Continue reading

Volcano Venture: Mount Pinatubo

In 1991, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines, impacted millions of people and disrupted the local economy for many subsequent years. Over two decades later, however, the lahar (volcanic ash) that was once… Continue reading

Ziplining at Anvaya

If you happen to find yourself in Subic, check out Anvaya Cove. And if you happen to be at Anvaya, you may as well zipline. Grab your adventure buddy (I’ve got mine here)… Continue reading

Resort Report: Anvaya Cove

It’s Show-and-Tell Monday! Pretend you’re vacationing in the Pacific this December, and we’re hanging out at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, a.k.a. Anvaya Cove. Or simply, Anvaya. Walk with me.   Are… Continue reading

Virgen del Rosario Learning Center

It’s 4:30 am when I suddenly awaken. Curses, jet lag! But that’s ok, because at least I have some dawn quiet before the streets fill with cars and tricycles and the occasional street… Continue reading

The (Nonexistent) International Driving Standard

They say if you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere else in the world…. A fellow blogger commented on one of my recent posts, saying that “Folks always let you move on… Continue reading

Barrio Fiesta

The barrio (neighborhood) is having a little fiesta (party and/or festival) this evening. A part of the street has been closed off for this event, and the long table of food slowly grows… Continue reading

Sagada Sunrise

Fog clouds linger in the valleys below as the sun rises leisurely over the mountain range. We spectators huddle together, shrugging off the cold. I’m waiting for the sunrise in Sagada today. With… Continue reading

Terraces and Clouds

Up the mountainside and along a winding road, we make our way up to Banaue. By now, I should no longer be shocked that some of the houses we pass are the size… Continue reading

Pinoy Time

Filipino Time – Filipinos have long been reputed to run on an extremely late clock. It could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour (or more, I hate to admit). Filipinos say that… Continue reading

The Gift of Christmas

Namamasko – the act of visiting someone so that he or she may share his or her “blessings” or “fortune” A grandchild might go to his grandfather on Christmas Day and receive a… Continue reading

One Sweet Holiday

The familiar scent of freshly baked, coconut-topped bibinka wafts toward me as I wend my way to the overly laden dessert table. My lusty sweet tooth kicks into overdrive, and suddenly, all I… Continue reading

Volcano Venture: Taal

  Steam rises from the rocks as we pass the halfway point to the top of Taal Volcano. The sun beats down on us from high overhead, making the gradual uphill climb feel… Continue reading