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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie

When the moon hits your eye Like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. When the world seems to shine Like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore.” – Dean Martin, That’s Amore  … Continue reading

Oh, Those Italians!

I’ve often said that Italians are among some of the warmest people. There are, however, many other quirks and interesting aspects of their culture that are endearing. *These are just my personal observations,… Continue reading

La Fontana di Trevi at Midnight

  My very first wish at the Trevi Fountain was to be back as soon as possible. I was back less that 24 hours later…and promptly made another wish to return within the… Continue reading

Becoming Italian

Everything reminded me of Italy. Prior to this trip, I somehow managed to frequently find an Italian connection in names, words, places, people, and restaurants. In California, I got excited over a “Tuscany… Continue reading

The (Nonexistent) International Driving Standard

They say if you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere else in the world…. A fellow blogger commented on one of my recent posts, saying that “Folks always let you move on… Continue reading

Adios, La Isla Guahan

  I leave Guam today. Guam, where nearly every restaurant maintains healthy stocks of Tabasco, ketchup, and soy sauce on tables (yes, that includes breakfast places…any combination of the three goes on even… Continue reading

Mile-High Style, Part II

I’ve lucked out with another upgrade. This time, it’s on a newer plane that has individual compartments for Business Class passengers. And large TV screens that pop out perpendicular to the panels they… Continue reading

Mile-High Style

It’s my lucky day. I’ve been upgraded to Business Class. It’s happened before, but only on cross-country flights within the continental U.S. where the “First Class” cabins on short flights are small and where … Continue reading

Sagada Sunrise

Fog clouds linger in the valleys below as the sun rises leisurely over the mountain range. We spectators huddle together, shrugging off the cold. I’m waiting for the sunrise in Sagada today. With… Continue reading

Terraces and Clouds

Up the mountainside and along a winding road, we make our way up to Banaue. By now, I should no longer be shocked that some of the houses we pass are the size… Continue reading

Meandering in Macau

Macau’s tourism front is eerily reminiscent of Las Vegas – you’ll see The Venetian, MGM, and Wynn, to name a few of the countless hotels you’ll see. Did I mention the casinos and… Continue reading

Pinoy Time

Filipino Time – Filipinos have long been reputed to run on an extremely late clock. It could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour (or more, I hate to admit). Filipinos say that… Continue reading

One Sweet Holiday

The familiar scent of freshly baked, coconut-topped bibinka wafts toward me as I wend my way to the overly laden dessert table. My lusty sweet tooth kicks into overdrive, and suddenly, all I… Continue reading

Volcano Venture: Taal

  Steam rises from the rocks as we pass the halfway point to the top of Taal Volcano. The sun beats down on us from high overhead, making the gradual uphill climb feel… Continue reading

Welcome to Guam

Shopping with my mother, I notice several stores have boots on display. Boots. For sale. On Guam. There isn’t much variety (this is an island near the earth’s equator, after all), but there… Continue reading

Fresh Air

It’s 12:25 am on Guam and the air feels heavy with humidity as I walk through the jetway between the plane and the island’s sole commercial airport. I begin to strip off layers… Continue reading

The Travel Bug

When did I fall in love with travel? My first European tour is probably the most accurate answer…but hopping on a plane was never a foreign concept to me, having grown up on… Continue reading